Vancouver Dance Photographer | Dance Creatives Season

dance creatives, dancer photos, creative dance photo, gemini visuals photography

Over the past several years, our studio has been offering Dance Creative Sessions as part of our shoots and packages. We have found that many dancers are interested in getting more moody or stylized photos which are separate from the group or costume photos done at their dance studios. A creative dance session can be done with either fabric as a prop or using flour to highlight the movement. We can do all types of photo sessions including stylized dance photos either in-studio, on-location or a combination of both.

Our dance sessions have been so popular that we have created a separate dance Instagram account! Follow us @geminivisualsdancephotography, for all things dance.

dance creatives, dancer photos, creative dance photo, gemini visuals photography

These sessions are not just for high level competitive dancers! Thet are open to dancers of any age and skill level and are a fun way for dancers to express themselves. The photos are professional and also make amazing keepsakes. We have a variety of print options and can create beautiful canvases and other print products.

dance creatives, dancer photos, creative dance photo, gemini visuals photography

Many of our clients we meet through all of the dance school photography that we do in BC. Over the past several years Adrienne has been doing many of the dance school photo days all over the Lower Mainland. 

dance creatives, dancer photos, creative dance photo, gemini visuals photography

With each session, Adrienne spends time capturing each dancer and their unique dance skills. Some dancers excel at leaps and jumps and others are trained in acrobatics or gymnastics. Every dancer brings their own set of skills, experiences and technique to their dance photography session.

dance creatives, dancer photos, creative dance photo, gemini visuals photography

For the past several dance seasons, we have done creatively stylized dance photos for the Essence of Dance Senior Dancers. This year we had 19 dancers participate and chose an outdoor location at local equestrian centre, Willow Acres. We can work with your dance studio to create a specific creative session for your competitive or senior dance group also.

dance creatives, dancer photos, creative dance photo, gemini visuals photography

For Encore Dance Academy, we provide a small creative shoot done at the start of photo day for their Epic pro program dancers. We provide fabrics to play with if they choose and they choose their favourite dance wear or costume.

Contact us to learn more and book your own creative dance session. With flour or fabric, outdoors or indoors, we are open to creating beautiful for your senior dancers or competitive dance team. 

dance creatives, dancer photos, creative dance photo, gemini visuals photography

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Vancouver Maternity Photographer |Spring Maternity Sessions

Nothing is better than beautiful Spring sunshine and celebrating your upcoming baby with a maternity session amongst the flowers and blossoms. We have photographed expectant moms in a variety of locations around the lower mainland, and find that our Spring Maternity sessions have become a favourite amongst our clients.

vancouver maternity, crescent beach maternity sew trendy dress, Gemini visuals

Of course, a Spring session doesn’t always work out for some expectant parents if your due date may not fall during the Summer season. We suggest that expectant moms start looking for a photographer during their second trimester. Think about booking your shoot around 33 weeks pregnant so that you have a good bump but aren’t so uncomfortable that you can’t move around. If you are in the Vancouver area, we have a long Spring season from March until nearly mid-June, which gives us plenty of dates to choose from if you are expecting a summer baby.

maternity photo in tulip field, abbotsford bc, vancouver maternity

There are no rules about what to wear for your maternity shoot. Some people like to wear something more casual, and some prefer a more glamourous look. We have a full selection of wardrobe, including Sew Trendy Dresses, which you available for you to use during your session.

maternity photos, sew trendy, baby, gemini visuals photography

Channeling your inner supermodel is not always easy for some, but it is best if you can come relaxed and prepared for your session. Make sure to be well-hydrated and have some snacks, and just enjoy the process of your session. Take a look at our Pinterest Maternity board for some ideas, and create your own Pinterest board if you like, to save poses and photographs of styles you prefer. This will ensure that you get everything you want out of your maternity photos.

maternity photos, milk bath sessions,

Milk Bath Sessions are also popular for maternity clients, if you are interested in trying something different. Those can be added on to your photo session or done separately. Click here for details on pricing.

For those interested in booking before May 31 2019, we have a special for $25 off your session. Just mention it when you book. If you have been debating about getting maternity photos done, now is the time to take advantage of this offer. Tulips are in season and blooms are everywhere!

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Vancouver Newborn Photographer | Etsy Vendor Goodnight Baby by Nook

goodnight baby by nook, gemini visuals, newborn photography, newborn photos, canadian newborn photographer
Outfit by Goodnight Baby by Nook

As a photographer that does a lot of Newborn Sessions, we are always on the lookout for new props and vendors to create new and unique imagery for our clients. While some clients come in with ideas, many leave it up to us to create different sets and looks for their sessions.

We do our best to try to use local Canadian vendors whenever possible to support the other local small businesses. Two years ago, we found an Etsy seller based in Victoria BC that creates knitted baby outfits. Goodnight Baby by Nook, is owned by knitter Rebecca, and her baby outfits have become a favourite of ours, and our Gemini Visuals clients!

goodnight baby by nook, gemini visuals, newborn photography, newborn photos, canadian newborn photographer
Fox Outfit by Goodnight Baby by Nook
Fox Outfit by Goodnight Baby by Nook

We asked Rebecca a little bit about her business and how she gotten started on Etsy, as we are always intrigued to hear the stories of other small businesses.

“I have always loved knitting. I learned how to knit when I was young. At 8 years old my Oma and auntie taught me. In 2000 I ended up picking up my needles seriously and have never looked back. I started by knitting for Jessica, the former owner, when the business was called Goodnight Mouse Baby Knits. We developed a fantastic friendship and I’m happy that I was able to continue on in the business when she decided to pursue photography.”

I am always happy to work with custom requests too. As well as Goodnight Baby By Nook, I manage a professional sample knitting business, and work for a yarn company. I also teach knitting privately on Vancouver Island.”

goodnight baby by nook, gemini visuals, newborn photography, newborn photos, canadian newborn photographer
Hat and Prop by Goodnight Baby by Nook
goodnight baby by nook, gemini visuals, newborn photography, newborn photos, canadian newborn photographer

A great thing that we’ve found about Rebecca is that she has definitely whipped things up in a hurry to get them out to our studio for an upcoming photoshoot. And her latest little panda outfit (a custom piece) is currently en route! Thanks Goodnight Baby by Nook for providing awesome props for newborn photography.

Bunny Romper Set by Goodnight Baby by Nook

Are you expecting a baby? Book your Maternity Session Photos with Gemini Visuals, and then pre-book your upcoming Newborn Session at the same time and receive a $20 credit towards your package.

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Vancouver Dance Photography | Flour Contest Winner Announced!

creative dance photos, dance image, creative photography, dance photography

Our Creative Dance mini sessions have become one of our favourite things to shoot. As a former dancer herself, Adrienne has a sense of how to get the best out of dancers to create beautiful photos that they can use for their portfolios, or as beautiful art photos to showcase their talents. These sessions are growing in popularity as more and more dancers see their peers doing the shoots and the amazing photos that come from their sessions.

Gemini visuals creative dance photography, dance photos, dance photos flour

This season we have done both Mini Dance Photos sessions using Fabric and Flour, with two dates left on the calendar February 9th and February 10th 2019.

We still have limited spots for booking – click here to inquire about booking your session.

creative dance photos, dance image, creative photography, dance photography

This year, we decided to host a social contest on our Facebook Page and Instagram account to award a lucky dancer a flour session this upcoming February 10th, 2019 for one of our open time slots (11:40am or 1:40pm).

We have had over 50 people enter the contest; parents of dancers, dancers, gymnasts, and dance teachers also. Our sessions are for any age and any skill level.

So our winner is…


Hayden Rivas!!

Congratulations Hayden! **You have 24 hours to claim your prize and book your spot. Email or contact us on Facebook or Instagram.

creative dance photos, creative dance photography, dancers photos, dance portfolio, vancouver dance portfolio

We wish that we could award more sessions as there are many talented young athletes out there. Stay tuned, as there may be more in the future.

For more sneak peeks and creative dance photo snippets, follow us on Instagram – @geminivisuals

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Surrey Newborn Photographer | New Baby

baby session, newborn session, milestone photography, baby photos

Adrienne Thiessen, the owner and principal photographer here at Gemini Visuals, has been photographing newborn babies for well over a decade. She has honed her skills through her years of experience and many parents call her the ‘baby whisper’.

Read our second blog of Questions with Adrienne. This one about newborn photography and her tips for your newborn session, featuring a beautiful newborn and family that was recently in the studio.

Have you always photographed kids and newborns? What got you started?

Yes I have! As someone who worked in childcare, it was a natural thing to do while taking care of the kids. I would capture them just in our daily routines. I’ve been babysitting and working with kids since i was 11, so it was just a natural thing to do when I started photography.

How long does it take to photograph a newborn session?  

Newborns can take anywhere from 2-4 hours – sometimes more depending on the baby. A fussy baby that won’t sleep deeply can be tough to photograph and often most of that time is spent feeding and soothing.

baby session, newborn session, milestone photography, baby photos

What has been the biggest contribution to your current ‘style’ of photography? 

Various props have definitely inspired my current style, as well working with other local photographers, and taking workshops.  Newborn photography goes through trends like everything else, which is always reflected in the ever-changing styles of a newborn photographer.

baby session, newborn session, milestone photography, baby photos

What type of photography would you like to try?

I think I’ve tried everything that has interested me. I would love to do underwater maternity and dance sessions, but then I can’t open my eyes under water so that might be tough! I would love to get more into fantasy photography, more fairytale looking outdoor sessions, but then a lot of that is photoshop work, versus all photography.

baby session, newborn session, milestone photography, baby photos

What other newborn photographers do you admire?

Obviously Anne Geddes was the pioneer in this field and has done some amazing work, especially taking into account that much of her work was shot on film. I work closely with Eden Bao from Seattle, so she is a big inspiration and mentor. There’ is a long list of photographers that I follow on Instagram and Facebook, both local and from around the world.

What is your favourite newborn photo that you have captured?

It changes all the time. I love using my dream catcher prop. And a huge favourite was the newborn on the plane who’s parents are both skydivers. Love the pose of mom with baby in the roses. I always like when parents bring in props to include a personal spin on it and the challenge to include that item.

baby session, newborn session, milestone photography, baby photos

What is the funniest thing that has ever happened to you during a newborn photo session?

This is an obvious one, but the typical shocked reaction of parents being peed or pooped on is always funny. Or baby’s pooping on the bean bag backdrop (see above photo). I find that how the parents usually react that’s so funny. One mom in trying to avoid her shoe, put the baby right over her phone and baby was peeing on her phone.

baby session, newborn session, milestone photography, baby photos

Any advice for new moms wanting to book a session?

I would suggest that you look for a photographer with experience, patience and a style you like. A photographer has their own style, and generally photograph according to that unless they are happy to take on a new challenge. I would suggest booking because you love the photographers work, and hopefully can build a relationship with them.

Always watch out for photographers that put a very strict short time limit on the session. You can’t always capture every new born as a mini. The more experience a photographer has the more likely the emphasis on safety. Cheaper isn’t always better when it comes to photography. You only get a small window with newborns and then they grow out of that stage. I’ve photographed older newborns for many moms who were devastated that their first session with a less experienced photographer didn’t work out.

baby session, newborn session, milestone photography, baby photos

Even if you aren’t exactly sure of your baby’s impending arrival, we can book your session prior with some flexibility in the date. Contact us to book your Newborn Session, or Baby’s First Year Package. We offer a $25 discount if you book your Maternity Session and Newborn together. 

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Vancouver Dance Photographer | Questions for Adrienne

Starting off our sessions for 2019, we will be hosting Dance Mini Sessions for the Vancouver market in our Surrey studio using both fabric and flour (which creates that smoky look in the photos!). These are open to dancers in the Lower Mainland of all ages and skill level. Click here for dates and signup info.

creative dance photographer, vancouver dance photography, creative dance, creative photography, adrienne Thiessen

To kick off this upcoming dance season, we thought a Q & A with Adrienne Thiessen about her dance photography would be interesting for readers to learn about how she has become such a renowned dance photographer in the Vancouver area.

creative dance photography, dance photography, vancouver dance photographer, dance photos, adrienne thiessen, dance photos

What inspired to start Creative Dance Photography? 

My love of dance and desire to be artistic and create art pieces that capture the beauty of dance.

How long have you been photographing dancers? 

I am not exactly sure of my first year, but it’s been over 10 years that I set out to improve dance “photo day” images from your typical school photo to something parents want to display, and dancers can be proud of.

creative dance photography, creative dance photos, dance photography, adrienne thiessen
Richmond Academy of Dance

What are some of the favourite dance photos you have done and why? 

It’s hard to pick just a few.  One of my top faves to this day is still one of the first creative sessions I did in my own studio probably 6 years ago now. The dancer’s name is Jasmine at she was wearing her pink costume from one of her senior dances. I loved the pop of pink and the flow of the fabric and how easy she makes it all look. It is still used on my business card today.

You photograph dancers in studio and on location. Which is your favourite to do and why? 

Obviously I love the control of the studio and being able to alter the image just by adding gels to the lighting or changing up the backdrop, or adding some fabric.  But then some locations just add the perfect element for the dancer to add their own input by incorporating some of the environment into the movement.

Creative dance photography, dance photography, creative dance, adrienne thiessen
Jasmine from Richmond Academy of Dance

You shoot both with fabric and flour to create the magic in your sessions. What inspired you to shoot this way? Have you tried other mediums also?   

The fabric was just a natural addition as it is inspired by the flow and movement in some of the dance costumes. The flour was just a fun element that adds a lot of impact to an image, but also adds some fun challenges and learning curves. I have also done a session adding milk and the movement of liquid. While the results are beautiful, we don’t do this often as safety is a large factor. I’ve also added glitter, and rose pedals.   

Are there other dance photographers that you follow and admire? Why?  

The first that comes to mind is David Cooper. He is a photographer who shoots for Ballet BC and the Royal Winnipeg Ballet that I did a private workshop with a few years back. And of course, Rachel Neville, as her creative dance work is very much along the same lines as my own ideas, and as a past dancer she is also very particular about form!

dance photography, creative dance, dance photos, david cooper, adrienne thiessen

What do you want to create with your Dance Sessions coming up in 2019?  

Lasting memories and art pieces for dancers. Something they can proudly hang on their walls, or be proud to use as portfolio pieces.  Also to give young dancers a fun learning experience, as working with still photos versus performing on stage is very different. And it’s a skill any young serious dancer should have.

creative dance photography, creative dance, dance photos, adrienne thiessen, gemini visuals, essence of dance

To book a creative dance mini session on January 20, Feb 3, 9 or 10th, click here to put in your request.

Private Dance Minis, dance collage, private dance mini sessions

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Creative Dance Photographer | Flour and Fabric Mini Sessions

Creative Dance Photo Session Announcement

Over the past several years, we have done creative dance mini sessions open to dancers in the Lower Mainland of BC, taking place in our South Surrey Studio. These are open to dancers of any skill level are a fun way for dancers to express themselves. The photos are professional and also make amazing keepsakes for any dancer.

Adrienne has over 25 years experience as a photographer and over 10 years experience working with dancers of all ages. These mini sessions are meant to offer your dancer a chance to do an affordable and fun professional photo shoot to show off their dance skills. Whether it is to develop a professional portfolio or just to capture some beautiful art keepsakes, this is the perfect chance.

Private Dance Minis, dance collage, private dance mini sessions

Sessions take place at our studio which is located at 15-15515 24th Avenue in Village Center in South Surrey  – across the parking lot from our old studio.

The details are as follows: 

Fabric Sessions will take place on  January 20th & February 9th 2019.

All sessions have a pre-paid $125 sitting fee (taxes included)

  • Movement incorporated with fluid fabrics
  • 30 minute session time
  • One outfit change (body suit to costume etc). Please wear pointe shoes or bare feet (no tap shoes!). We provide the fabric! You may use any of our fabrics and skirts, but you provide any other wearables (ie body suit, favourite costume)
  • Included with your session is 1 watermarked social media image (low res) that you select from your online private gallery with the option to upgrade to digital files, prints and print products as well. You can find more info on our prints, products, & files on our website at

Flour Sessions will take place February 3rd & February 10th 2019

$125 sitting fee includes:

  • Movements highlighted by ethereal showers of flour!
  • 30 minute session time
  • One outfit change is allowed if wearing something over a body suit. (Change must be the removal of an item of clothing in the studio, due to the nature of the flour)
  • We provide the flour. This is regular flour so those with medical conditions, such as celiacs, must let us know while filling out the sign-up form so that we can accommodate and use another substance in place of flour
  • Included in the session is 1 free watermarked social media image (low res) that you select from your online private gallery with the option to upgrade to digital files, prints and print products as well. You can find more info on our prints, products, & files on our website at

Message for more information or to book your spot. These sessions generally fill up quickly. awe would love to see your dancer in 2019!

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Vancouver Family Photographer | Holiday Mini Sessions

Holiday Mini Sessions have been something that we have been doing at Gemini Visuals for many years now. It is always fun to see familiar faces come into the studio for their holiday photo session. Some have been coming for over 8 years – longer than we’ve even had a studio! This year has been a mix of repeat clients, new families, kids and as always, pets too. 

gemini visuals creative, holiday mini sessions, studio

This year we added 3 new holiday backdrops to our studio specifically for our Holiday Mini Session photos. The blue icy backdrop with snow is more cool tones, whereas the red Holiday window backdrop is gorgeous reds and and warmer toned accessories. The rustic wood and trees backdrop looks great with more minimal accessories, and we also have a plain neutral backdrop available for families that are interested in using their mini session photos year round. The new backdrops were a huge hit this year, and perfect for accommodating larger groups. 

gemini visuals creative, holiday minis, christmas photos

Every year Adrienne likes to try a variety of different things to make each set of photos new and different for our clients. Different props and backdrops plus the addition of client ideas as well. Some clients dress similarly, or do a set of pajama photos for fun. We also welcome your ideas, and if candids are your style, we can do that also.

It is always sad to see some groups missing their 4 legged family members  this year, but we are always happy to capture the new chapter in their lives. Pets are always welcome for photos at Gemini Visuals Creative Photography.

We are already planning our sets for Holiday Mini Sessions in 2019! In the meantime, we will be doing a variety of different packages and sessions in the Spring, including Creative Dance Mini Sessions, starting in January. 

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Vancouver Dance Photographer | Private Dance Photo Sessions Available

Private Dance Minis, dance collage, private dance mini sessions

Buying Holiday gifts for your tweens and teens can be a challenge every year. For the last few years, right after Christmas, we have been offering Mini Creative Dance Sessions to our dance clients. These are open to both male and female dancers of any skill level. Whether dancers want to develop a professional portfolio, or simply have fun and creative photos for their social media accounts, we love to have them in our studio for sessions.

Private Dance Minis, dance collage, private dance mini sessions

This year we want to be able to offer parents and dancers the opportunity to pre-purchase gift certificates for a session to give as gifts. This new Private Dance Session includes one hour of time with Adrienne in front of the camera, plus 5 high res files and one 8 x 10″ print. 

The Details:

$300 sitting fee (including taxes)

Must be booked between date of purchase and April 1, 2019.

*Sale ends December 24, 2018.

  • Head shots + creative/costume shots for one dancer
  • 5 high res files & an 8×10 professional print
  • 1 hour session time
  • 2 outfit changes allowed (3 outfits total including head shot outfit)
  • You’re welcome to use our fabric/outfits/skirts although you’re equally welcome to bring your own wearables (favourite costume, favourite warmups, etc.)
  • Online private gallery to select your images from with the option to upgrade to digital files, prints and print products as well. You can find more info on our prints, products, & files HERE


Private Dance Minis, dance collage, private dance mini sessions

Our sessions are creative and fun, and our studio has high ceilings which are perfect for leaps and jumps.  If your dancer needs professional headshots and action shots to submit to auditions, we can cover both within this private session. Adrienne’s own dance experience plus her passion for dance helps her to guide your dancer into their best technical poses, perfect for their portfolio or just as a beautiful art keepsake. 

Private Dance Minis, dance collage, private dance mini sessions

Contact Emily at to purchase your gift certificate in time for the Holidays. Capturing memories is always a perfect gift. 

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Surrey Photographer | Behind the Scenes with Adrienne Thiessen

adrienne thiessen, gemini visuals photographer, photographers questions
As the owner and creative vision behind Gemini Visuals Creative Photography, Adrienne Thiessen doesn’t always have time to share much about herself online, as she is often busy shooting and then editing your photos. The team at Gemini Visuals has been hard at work this season, sharing more behind the scenes images and sneak peeks on social media so that you can get a better idea of the inner workings at Gemini Visuals. 
We though it would be fun to share a bit more about Adrienne, so you can get to know her a bit better. Following is a quick Q & A, with more questions to follow in the coming weeks.
adrienne thiessen, gemini visuals photographer, photographers questions
What does an average week look like for you?
It varies depending on the time of year. Every week is different every day is different. Some are spent in the studio all day, some are racing around to various shoots, others may be dance school mayhem.   Some may be spent chained to a computer for 12 hours, or into the wee hours of the morning. But I still sneak some time to walk the dog to the beach as often as I can, try to take some me time, and work out.
Did you always want to be a photographer?
Pretty much yes. Since I picked up a camera at 16 years old, its all I’ve ever wanted, and its really all I know.   
Vintage Adrienne Thiessen, photographer, behind the scenes
What is the most fulfilling part of your job?
The people I meet and  getting to be apart of people’s families – capturing their most precious memories, and watching people grow and change is very fulfilling.
Name your dream travel destination? 
Right now, it’s Croatia! But my bucket list is long. I want to go back to Bali, and Costa Rica. I want to go to Belize, Curacao, Spain, Portugal, Greece. Basically anywhere that there is a beach, really!
What would you tell other aspiring photographers?  
That its not as easy or glamorous as it looks. Most of your time is spent in front of the computer. The work doesn’t just fall into your lap, you must go out and find it and it is not easy because you have to stand out from the rest. You also have to love it, or you will grow to hate it.  
Another thing it to realize that not every client is your client forever. You can’t take it personally, as hard as that may seem. It is hard to see them go, but it will happen. And that not every shoot is going to be an easy one. More often then not your vision doesn’t happen because things go sideways, or you are faced with some tough situations.
Oh and also to charge properly!! Doing a shoot for $75 and then spending 4 hours at the shoot then 10 hours editing, means you aren’t making any money. In that case, you may as well pay the clients!
Chocolate or vanilla?
Neither? How about vanilla with chocolate almonds? 
Which emoji do you use most often?
The kissy face blowing a heart.
adrienne thiessen, gemini visuals photographer, photographers questions
What is the biggest hurdle you have had to overcome in business?
Poverty, debt, long hours…oh wait, I haven’t overcome the long hours yet! 
What’s the best career advice you have ever received?  
Respect and value yourself, and others will do the same.
adrienne thiessen, gemini visuals photographer, photographers questions

To book a photo session with Adrienne, contact our office here or at

*We are still booking private Mini Holiday Sessions until December 1st 2018.

  • 10 high res images of your choice on CD or digital download.
  • 2 Holiday backdrops plus 1 neutral backdrop.
  • Up to 30 minutes of private session time.
  • A holiday e-card from your session delivered via email for you to send to friends & family with the option to upgrade to copies for snail mail.

The Private Option is $300 (taxes INCLUDED). Up to 5 people and pets always are welcome!

Bookings to be completed by December 1, 2018




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