Family Photographer South Surrey | Family Throughout the Years

One of the many clients I’ve had the pleasure of forming a relationship with, a client I call a friend. I was lucky to capture her first pregnancy many many years ago, and mother/daughter shots at a couple months old. This past year I had the honour of photographing her 2nd pregnancy of her twin boys!! We always have a lot of fun together! I cannot wait until we do their family outdoor session when these 2 little men are running around!

Mother and Daughter shots, years apart.. Family Photography with Roses

Mother and Daughter shots, years apart..

The twins' newborn session!

The twins’ newborn session!

Cakesmash for the twins - they grow so fast!!

Cakesmash for the twins – they grow so fast!!


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Dance Photographer Vancouver | Getting Dirty in the Studio!

Just had to post a few photos of this awesome session. I had so much fun, even though it was so much mess! Since I’m doing more and more creative dance sessions, I wanted to explore some new options. This one was so much fun! Thank you to my very talented dancers for running with this idea and doing such a fantastic job! Thank you Melissa Swatez from Dance Effect, Carolyn Schmidt, and Owen Selkirk for your beautiful dance skills!




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Newborn Photographer Surrey | First Newborn of 2015..

My first little newborn of 2015! This teeny tiny cutie was born Christmas Eve and was under 5 pounds. Such a little peanut! And she slept fantastically through all her prop shots and transfers, and successfully had her diaper off most of the session without mess. That’s a great way to start the new year!

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Holiday Minis & Happy Holidays!

Our holiday mini session season is over and we’ve had a fantastic mini session season. This year our sessions filled up fast! We got to see a lot of our annual families come back and a few new faces.

We had the pleasure of some of this year’s new born clients joining us.

Remember to book fast next year when we announce our minis because they’re filling up faster and faster every year!! Thank you to all who come out each year, and that came out this year, and thank you to those that sent us Christmas cards using their wonderful and fun photos! We love seeing them used for Christmas cards and love even more seeing the changes from year to year!

Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays and look forward to seeing you in 2015!

Stay tuned for info on upcoming Spring minis!holhol (2)hol (3)


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Family Photography Richmond | Richmond Animal Protection Society Fundraiser

We were happy to participate yet again alongside Urban Dance Company for our photo fundraiser for Richmond Animal Protection Society!

We got to meet their latest puppies, have a play and attempt to capture some photos of 4 rescue 12 week old puppies!!! These big babies were tons of fun to play with and a ton of chaos!


We helped raise over $300 for the day’s event, and captured some fun fantastic photos of some furry friends and their families!


You can visit Urban Dance co at or 11121 Horseshoe Way #228, Richmond, BC V7A 5G7.

and the Richmond Animal Protection Society at or 12071 No. 5 Road, Richmond, BC, V7A 4E9.


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Dance Photographer South Surrey | Naya’s Session

It wasn’t surprising that it was Naya’s mom who bid on a Gift Certificate that I had donated to the Richmond Dance Society’s annual Gala fundraiser.   I was excited to do an artistic dance creative session with this young dancer!10351261_10152460728938233_254939162003813387_n1800337_10152460729488233_6272228014926103173_n10665702_10152460731468233_6292901878377393514_n

I’ve been photographing Naya for several years through Richmond Academy of Dance.  She’s always been a very skilled and talented dancer – even at a young age, she stood out!  She’s now becoming a beautiful teenage girl with endless limbs that are stunning on pointe!  I’m very lucky to get to watch all these talented dancers grow, and I look forward to continuing to work with Naya with her school.10672089_10152460729463233_4952269747744707254_n10365966_10152460729678233_6101265555017761684_n1618459_10152460730533233_1466819974254612720_n

I always look forward to my creative sessions with dancers.  Although I love all my other work with families and babies, getting to capture these beautiful dancers and explore my own artistic creativity is definitely my favourite thing to do!10687201_10152460729613233_4381880630464024677_n

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Family Photographer South Surrey | Fun With Props!

This wee little one came to visit me for her newborn session, and we got to have some fun with her outside for her 6 month session.

She wasn’t quite sitting up on her own so we had some fun with props. Don’t worry, though, mom was always right beside her for all the shots!! Safety always comes first!

blogp Desktop

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Cake Smash Photography Langley | Cake Smashes Galore!

Two wonderful custom made cakes for our cake smashes courtesy of Leah’s Cake Creations!

cake smash blog post1 (2)g cake smash blog post1 (2)b

All our cake smashes include the amazing custom cakes by Leah’s cake creations.

We offer affordable cake smash sessions for baby only, or you can add on family photos for an additional free. This time of year cake smash sessions are in the studio, but summer birthdays are always welcome to do an outdoor location.

We recommend booking cake smashes minimum 3 weeks in advance, and if you want photos in time for the big birthday you must give us at least 2 weeks to deliver a few photos.

They make great thank you cards which we can custom design for you, or you can print on your own.

cake smash blog post1 (4)This handsome man was definitely on the move for his session.  Someone constantly wanted to crawl to me as much as he could…or crawl around me so I couldn’t take any photos! We had a great time, and he was a lot of fun – I even caught an action shot of him throwing some cake my way! Sadly the session ended a little early.  Dad wanted to encourage him to take a big bite of the cake and someone was not a happy camper afterwards. Thankfully we got lots of great shots of him before that though!

cake smash blog post1Ellen wasn’t feeling very well the day we did her cake smash, but mom was shocked when she was all smiles throughout the entire session. She had a blast and thoroughly enjoyed her cake. This amazing little one decided to use the balloon decoration as … a spoon!  Someone was a very dainty eater.

We had lots of fun with this little one and I’m looking forward to seeing her again in the future!!

We have a few new upcoming products which are a great way to display your cake smash highlights. Stay tuned!…


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Newborn Photography Richmond | Another Little Man

dos (6)This little man came in just after Christmas. Although we’d originally had him scheduled for early December when he was brand new, the family had to reschedule.  We still managed to pull off some amazing photos even though he was about a month old at the time. We always say it’s ideal to have a baby in during the first 2 weeks, but older babies can often be great to work with too!!  This family was a big fan of all my props – I invest a lot of money annually to keep them updated, and often de-stash and freshen them up by getting rid of older ones.  Some of the key items will always be available, but we often change up things like hats and baskets.  I’m always on the look-out for something new!!! Everywhere I go, I grab items thinking “ I can totally put a baby in that!”.

Some items work better for certain ages, some only work for certain sizes.  I only do what is safest for baby. And if an item is too small, or baby is awake and I feel it’s dangerous, then we do not use that item.  I always have your baby’s health and safety in mind, no matter how bad we want the shot!

I’m always trying to keep things new and fresh, and i try to ensure your baby’s photos are unique! I’ve collected many props over the years, and with each new season I’m always collecting more.  A few recent shopping trips have brought hundreds of dollars in new backdrops and props into the studio already this year!!   I do my best to ensure friends and family are not using the same items, unless its specifically requested. And even then, I try to keep your child’s photos special to just them.  Newborn sessions include up to 4 prop selections, sometimes on different backdrops, sometimes we repeat a backdrop if it’s way too cute!  We also generally do two bean bag backdrops. These are the fabric backdrops in which baby is just on their own.  I highly encourage parents to bring items in that are unique to them, even better when they have sentimental meaning! Bring in your old baby blanket, or something a family member has made.  Bring in something from your wedding and we’ll try to incorporate it!  Always great to have an emotional element and an item that will be with you for life in your baby’s photos.

New Photos dos


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