About Gemini Visuals

Adrienne Thiessen

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“I appreciate and love my career for giving me the chance to become
a part of people’s lives, and the lives of their families. To be invited
to share in these special moments and help capture their memories is
what keeps me truly passionate about my work.”


The Story of Gemini Visuals

The “Gemini” in Gemini Visuals represents the twin sides of Adrienne Thiessen’s photography, as with the dual personality of the star sign of the same name.  She can shoot both edgy modern and sweet classic artistic photos.

Adrienne’s edgy side comes from her past experience shooting bands and models. She uses the raw energy from her edgy side now to create dynamic dance photography. Using that same level of power and emotion gives her the ability to capture the movement in dance and create stunning art pieces.

Adrienne’s sweet side comes from her many years working as a nanny. Her nurturing side, and endless patience helps her to create sweet and serene newborn and child photography. Using these skills, Adrienne perfectly captures the (mostly!) sweet sides of newborns and children.

” From the darkroom to digital photography, Adrienne Thiessen’s expertise includes it all.”

Adrienne’s photography journey began at 16, over 20 years ago. She picked up her first camera and fell in love at first sight. After taking photography and winning awards in high school, she went on to take the Langara professional photography program. This thrust her into the world of darkrooms as a professional custom printer before the digital days. Her darkroom experience is where she learned to create stunning prints, learning proper crops and dimensions to best suit her images. She works with each image to produce a masterpiece, both in digital and print form. Her journey doesn’t end there. She continues honing her skills by learning new techniques, with regular workshops, and creative collaboration shoots with other photographers. This is how Adrienne keeps up with the ever-changing photography world.


Meet Emily – Studio manager, designer, and client liaison.

Emily handles a lot of the behind-the-scenes work as Adrienne’s assistant, allowing Adrienne to focus on creating and perfecting your images. She keeps everything running smoothly for Gemini Visuals and is the person behind the design of all of Gemini Visual’s custom products and albums. Her attention to artistic detail comes from a background in design. She organizes and books all the mini sessions, and handles all the private viewing galleries to make clients’ lives easier.

  • Adrienne was fantastic! We absolutely love our maternity photos of my pregnant belly. She captured the beauty of my pregnancy in ways I never could have imagined.

    Sarah and Jesse Foreman - White Rock
  • Thanks so much Adrienne! We love the photos!! And our session was so much fun with you and your sweet assistant. ... Friends are already asking who our photographer is. I am so glad I contacted again, and we look forward to our next session!

    Christie Graham
  • Edges of Seven has worked with Gemini Visuals on two different occasions thus far, and we will again. The level of quality and professionalism as a photographer is exceptional, and the results of each shoot provide so many outstanding images, it often becomes difficult to pick just the few that you may need for the project. Highly recommended.

    Robert TakacsEdges of Seven