We are so excited to welcome back our summer dance specials this year! Finally, some sunny weather has hit Vancouver, and we are ready to take full advantage! There truly is nothing better than that golden hour sunset at the beach. This month, until July 31st, our Group Sunset Beach Creatives and Summer Private Sessions will be on sale! 

Working with dancers has always been very special to me, so we just adore these fun sessions. I’ve had a passion for dance since I was a child, and this has turned into my passion of capturing the art of dance through these talented dancers. Like any photograph, a dance image isolates a split-second frozen in time, but its specific intention is to convey the idea of movement. I have been lucky enough to work with dancers for over 15 years in my 25+ years in the photography industry, and I have loved every bit of it! 

Continue reading below to view our Summer Dance Specials – On Sale Now!!

Group Sunset Beach Creatives

These stunning sunset sessions will take place at Crescent Beach (located in South Surrey) all August long! We will set a few weekday evenings in the month – dates will be finalized closer to August – for you to book your session. Your time will be split between the participating dancers of this creative session. Your photoshoot could be a solo, a duo or even a trio! 

This season’s Group Sunset Beach Creatives will include:

  • Minimum two hours of session time
  • Usage of our studio fabrics and skirts
  • 10 high res retouched digital file (with option to upgrade to additional files or print products if desired)
  • $200.00 per subject (taxes included) 

Summer Privates

These private one-on-one sessions are bookable through October 1, 2022! When you book your session, you can choose a location of your choice or let us suggest a few of our favourite outdoor areas. You can even use our studio for a classic in-studio set up, using our props, coloured backdrops, and lightweight fabrics!

I love how there are always infinite possibilities for me to capture unique images as the fabric falls, creating a new form each time. Similarly, I’ve learned that dancers themselves never really perform the same step in a 100% identical way. This gives way for a great variety of shots! 

Sometimes, we get lucky enough that the two elements – the fabric and dancer – magically echo the shape of each other, and appear to have a unanimous direction, resulting in a captured image that is quite profound. 

This year’s Summer Privates will include:

  • Your choice of on-location or in-studio (at our spacious South Surrey studio)
  • Up to 1 hour private session time
  • Usage of our studio fabrics and skirts or usage of our black or white wing props (availability of props are dependent on location)
  • 10 high res retouched digital files (with option to upgrade to additional files or print products if desired)
  • $350 (taxes included) 

With my years of experience working in this industry, I have built a wealth of knowledge for understanding the challenges and circumstances specific to shooting dance photography. There are many aspects to consider in creating the perfect shot, oftentimes, involving motion and moving subjects. Capturing a dancer mid-air, while performing their most-loved poses, is one of my favourite things to be a part of. 

If you are a dancer, we would love to work with you and capture your amazing talent on our lens! Book your session now or please contact us by emailing us at info@geminivisuals.com if you have any questions or inquiries. We look forward to meeting you and capturing the art and soul of your dance!

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