We are thrilled to finally welcome back dance school photo days again this year! After a long two + years of Covid interruptions, rules and regulations, we are at last, able to host photo days for our dance schools again. I admire so many of our local dance schools for their survival through the pandemic, consisting of many roadblocks and shutdowns. While we haven’t been able to do our usual photo sessions with dance schools, many schools have worked with us in creative ways to capture these dancers’ special moments and amazing talent. We are sad that we haven’t been able to say goodbye to many of the recent grads over the past two years, but we wish them nothing but the best as they embark on their new future!

My passion for dance as a child has turned into my passion to capture the art of dance through these talented dancers. In my 25+ years of experience in the photography industry, I have been working with talented dancers for over 15 years, and have had the pleasure of watching and capturing many young dancers grow and improve their skills year after year. I am so grateful for the long-lasting relationships I have built with these local dancers and dance schools. Oftentimes, these relationships have transformed into even welcoming some as new gemini staff members! 

With my years of experience working in this industry, I have built a wealth of knowledge for understanding the challenges and circumstances specific to shooting dance photography. There are many aspects to consider in creating the perfect shot, oftentimes, involving motion and moving subjects. Capturing a dancer mid-air, while performing their best-loved poses, is one of my favourite things to be a part of. 

We create the environment for you by transforming your location into a personalized photography studio! We wanted to ensure that these photo shoot days are completely stress free for our clients. We bring all of our own necessary professional equipment, lighting, backdrops and even our own team! Ensuring our photoshoots are executed in a timely manner and are well organized, is something we take great pride in. We are able to cater to any sized group of dancers, from small to large schools. You can check out some of our previous work here.  

You can expect that all of our final images from your shoot are retouched and professionally printed on photo paper – something that many other dance school photographers do not offer. We keep a close eye on the little details, to ensure that no costume is out of place, no toe goes unpointed and no hair tie is left on a wrist! 

This year, we are super excited to welcome several new dance schools on top of our annual recurring schools, who we look forward to seeing every year. 

As we navigate through this ever-changing Covid world, we must always be willing to adapt and pivot at a moment’s notice. This doesn’t mean that we need to give up on the things that we love! For one of my biggest group of clients – dancers – their world has changed a lot over the past couple of years. I am so happy to see them all starting to get back to their normal routines with their recitals, competitions, and performances. 

If you are a dancer or dance school looking for photography sessions, we would love to work with you to make sure you are still able to capture these special moments in your life. Please contact us by emailing us at info@geminivisuals.com if you have any questions or inquiries. We look forward to meeting you! 

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