Among all of our many packages, maternity shoots have become one of our most popular sessions. To make these shoots more magical, we started curating our custom maternity gown closet several years ago. We’ve slowly added to this collection over time, bringing on different designers ranging from local designers to international brands. 

One thing that COVID-19 taught us is that shopping local and supporting Canadian small businesses is more important than ever! Sure, international designers have a stellar sense of style, but there are plenty of excellent reasons to support Canadian designers, and where possible, designers in our local community during this difficult time. Additionally, shopping local helped us support our Canadian neighbours + friends, and alleviated the influx in shipping costs that were an unavoidable result of the pandemic. 

When we were on the hunt for the perfect new Canadian-designed maternity dresses to add to our collection, we reached out to some fellow photographers and found the beautiful Amy Corneau Couture. It didn’t take long before we absolutely fell in love with her designs! From her choice of silhouettes, colours, and fabrics – everything is beautiful! 

Amy Corneau Couture is a London, Ontario based business specializing in creating gowns for adults, and toddlers to use as photography props. Her gowns are specifically made for maternity photography, which helps take the pressure of selecting an outfit off our clients because they are bound to look and feel their best in these gowns! 

Reflecting back through our gallery of shots, we admire the fact that Amy Corneau’s designs are so unique, and are so thrilled that we made the decision to add her designs to our collection. Some of her designs include gowns with sleeves or dresses that are less fitted, which is nice for some mamas who feel less comfortable in tight materials. Our newest addition is a fitted black turtleneck style dress and black bodysuit with sleeves and a tossing train. Simply elegant and gorgeous!

If you’re looking for something specific, just know that we’ve added a variety of other gowns (not all pictured here) to our collection, including bodysuits, fitted dresses, and infinity-style dresses that range in colors, styles, and sizes. Our main goal is to ensure that we have a complete range that encompasses multiple styles so that there is something beautiful for every mama-to-be! We want the experience to be as effortless as possible for our clients.

For more looks and inspiration for your upcoming shoot, you can check out our full custom maternity gown closet here. 

We have multiple package options to choose from that can fit within your budget and vision. Each of these packages include the use of our beautiful maternity gowns. 

If you have any questions about how to make your maternity photo shoot the most special it can be, please don’t hesitate to reach out to our team at We would love to chat! 

Wishing you a happy and healthy Spring ahead. We’ll see you soon, mamas! 

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