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Our Creative Dance mini sessions have become one of our favourite things to shoot. As a former dancer herself, Adrienne has a sense of how to get the best out of dancers to create beautiful photos that they can use for their portfolios, or as beautiful art photos to showcase their talents. These sessions are growing in popularity as more and more dancers see their peers doing the shoots and the amazing photos that come from their sessions.

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This season we have done both Mini Dance Photos sessions using Fabric and Flour, with two dates left on the calendar February 9th and February 10th 2019.

We still have limited spots for booking – click here to inquire about booking your session.

creative dance photos, dance image, creative photography, dance photography

This year, we decided to host a social contest on our Facebook Page and Instagram account to award a lucky dancer a flour session this upcoming February 10th, 2019 for one of our open time slots (11:40am or 1:40pm).

We have had over 50 people enter the contest; parents of dancers, dancers, gymnasts, and dance teachers also. Our sessions are for any age and any skill level.

So our winner is…


Hayden Rivas!!

Congratulations Hayden! **You have 24 hours to claim your prize and book your spot. Email or contact us on Facebook or Instagram.

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We wish that we could award more sessions as there are many talented young athletes out there. Stay tuned, as there may be more in the future.

For more sneak peeks and creative dance photo snippets, follow us on Instagram – @geminivisuals

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