newborn baby girl photos by professional photographer in vancouver

One of the joys of being a White Rock portrait photographer is welcoming back previous clients. It’s so lovely to watch our maternity clients walk through my studio doors with a new bundle of joy in their arms! It’s always amazing to see these beautiful newborn babies arrive and to try to pick out features of both mom and dad while spending the afternoon with them capturing their photos. One of my favourite parts of being a photographer is seeing new babies and creating memories of this special time for the parents. 

While newborn sessions can seem overwhelming for the parents, I have over 25 years experience of working with babies, so I won’t push baby past what I think they will do and I won’t do anything that I feel is unsafe for your baby. I keep your baby’s best interests and safety in mind. When you arrive at your session please take baby down to diaper, and give baby a good feed. It’s ideal if you can time your feedings so baby is ready to feed or ready for a top-up when you arrive. We like to start with baby nice and sleepy! I will handle, soothe, and move baby in order to get them into the perfect position for photographs.There’s also a high chance of being pooped on, peed on, or spit up on. It’s a common occurrence, so be prepared – I’m very used to it!

The studio is kept very warm to keep naked newborns calm and sleepy. I encourage parents to bring a change of clothes if we’re doing family photos, since you may want to be in something more comfortable for the rest of the session. For more information on packages available for newborn shoots, take a look at our sessions & packages here

Congratulations to this gorgeous family of three, we look forward to seeing them again soon as our new South Surrey neighbours!

professional newborn photography

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