This handsome little guy did an awesome job at his session. I’ve known mama for years, as she is the owner of Cherish Childbirth, and we were both part of Vancouver Family Roots non profit organization, where we raised money together for so many great causes.. So I was excited when I got the opportunity to do photos of her own son!

Due to some diet restrictions mom made the cake herself, but since it was smaller then our usual cake smash large cupcakes it was so much fun watching him pick it up, and take bites out of it. He had the best faces too! This cake smash session was extra messy because the icing was different then what we normally use. Since it was grain free and dairy free, I actually got to try some myself!

Mom did a great job on his cake for his photo session. He was so messy a bath was in order after! (We offer bath sessions after the cake smash for those that request it.) This little man was so adorable for all his photos, full of smiles and great faces! He’s a photographer’s dream. Not all cake smash sessions go this well, but he really loved the special cake mom made for his photos.


rubber ducky and tub baby photography white rock
cake smash cake for dietary restrictions



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