Milk Dress Maternity Session

Recently I was approached by Eden Bao Photography to do a collaboration on some creative maternity photos. I was thrilled and honoured to work with such a talented photographer. And we had a lot of fun with this series – although there was a lot of clean up! The session took place at my studio in Surrey, BC. Since I shoot lots of newborn photos we could keep the studio at a nice warm temperature for our lovely maternity model. (Update: You can see post on how this shoot came together on Eden’s blog)

Eden and I were inspired by Andrey Razoomovsky’s and Jaroslav Wieczorkiewics of Aurum Light‘s milk dress shoots! We collaborated on the shoot, shared our RAWs, and post-processed our own images. This is one of mine.


Milk Maternity Dress Maternty Photography White Rock

Be sure to visit her website or Facebook today see her version of our maternity milk dress shoot!

Thank you to Eden’s model, the ever patient and drenched-in-milk-for-four-hours friend and maternity model Elena, who is 36 weeks. Doesn’t she look fabulous in her milk dress?!

Thank you do Eden and Elena for this great opportunity, what a fabulous way to start off 2015!!!



Maternity Milk Dress shoot


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